Women of Westbury

August 1, 2019

Empowerment event

Johannesburg, South Africa


Khensani de Klerk

Earl Abrahams (photography), DJ Jacobs (audio and video recording) and Shaun Constant (facilitator)

In celebration of women’s day, Women of Westbury was an event hosted by women in Westbury, Johannesburg in a local house courtyard bringing together local women of all ages to reflect, share and enjoy experiences of their locality. Khensani de Klerk was invited as a guest speaker, talking on themes of intersectionality amongst women, particularly in South Africa where the remnants of class and racial categorisation continue to segregate citizens and women today. Together with photographer Earl Abrahams and filmmaker DJ Jacobs, the events also ran a project speaking to women about their experience of being women in Westbury which historically was reserved for coloured people only, and today particularly struggles with gangsterism.

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Women of Westbury who participated.

Photography: Earl Abrahams

Shaun Constant: Host

DJ Jacobs: audio and video recording 

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